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Many Americans Opt Not to Go Back to Their Pre-Pandemic Jobs

Unemployed workers emerging from the pandemic lockdowns caused heated debates among policymakers and employers as many refused to return to their former jobs. Statistics show that job openings under the new administration have increased, but growth in overall hiring remains minimal. The contention is that most of the unemployed workers prefer to rely on the unemployment insurance benefits and the stimulus paychecks that the government has been doling in light of the business lockdowns and the resulting layoffs

Apparently, the quarantine period gave more time for many American citizens to rethink about their careers and how the long hours of work have affected the quality, not only of their life but of the family as a whole. Still, several business groups and employers are saying that as recipients of the weekly $300 federal unemployment supplement, they have lost the drive to hunt for a new job.

As a result, some state governments are requiring unemployment insurance beneficiaries to show proof that they have been actively looking for work before they can claim benefits. Other states have been looking into legal remedies that would enable the government to stop disbursing unemployment funds.

What Economic Experts are Saying about Workers Turning Their Back on Employers

According to senior economist Heidi Shierhold, not going back to their former jobs are due to several reasons especially at the time when vaccines were not yet available. Many workers are parents who have chosen to carry out their child care responsibilities more seriously due to the health crisis. Some others have become extra conscious of health concerns that could be aggravated if they return to their previous work.

Moreover, Ms. Shierholz added that since 25% of schools in the country are not holding face-to-face classes, at least one parent decided to stay at home to help their kids with their home-based schooling.

Some other Americans have found lucrative employment as online freelance workers, while others took to utilizing their nearly forgotten skills in establishing their own business.

Many American citizens are likewise concerned about the CDC ruling that allows vaccinated persons to go maskless. That is despite the limited period in which vaccines can work efficiently as protection against the COVID-19 variant and the different variants that evolved thereafter.

Nevertheless, majority of the economists who shared their views say labor shortage is temporary and will not last for long. As most schools are poised to reopen by holding purely in-person classes, parents will likewise find no reason not to look for employment even as part-time workers.