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Automating eCommerce Generates Bigger Profits

This might be a first for you but 51 percent of businesses nowadays are taking advantage of marketing automation while the rest are still planning to adapt to the said technology. Now, you may be wondering about the reason behind this movement.

It is pretty obvious that through marketing automation, it can help in saving you a great amount of time. This is applicable both for lead nurturing and lead generation by accomplishing tasks effectively and efficiently. With so much time that you saved, you can invest it in retaining existing clients and at the same time, creating brand awareness. As a matter of fact, this is the same knowledge that you can learn from using Amazing Selling Machine program.

In a study, it has been discovered that around 71 percent of people are more into personalized ads that have considered their preferences and interests. Through marketing automation, it can help big time in creating ads easily and quickly. One of the best things when it comes to automation for eCommerce is the fact that you’ll have the power of targeting both potential and existing clients in a more personal approach.

Below, you are going to discover three other advantages of utilizing marketing automation for your business operations.

  1. Boosts Loyalty and Trust

There’s a significant movement in strategies and SEO. For instance, random link building are totally out.

Now, the gameplay among businesses is to have exceptional and informative content, high authority sites or perhaps, influential people talking and sharing about your business and at the same time, decent social media presence.

Also, you have to put your content in front of an audience who are likely to comment, share or mention it in their personal social media account.

  1. Strengthens Customer Retention

Have you ever heard of the 20-80 rule? This basically refers to businesses that are generating 80 percent of their revenue from 20 percent of their clients. Generally, returning customers make up a big chunk of profits of any business. It is way more economical to encourage existing customers to do business with you again for they’ve known the experience of what it is like to transact with you.

After all, it’s more expensive to catch new prospects and be able to convert them into new customers.

  1. Assists in Re-Engagement of Inactive Clients

Even though inactive customers would vary from one brand to another, marketing automation can be extremely useful in terms of reengaging inactive clients. One way of doing this is through email which still remains an effective way of reaching out to customers.