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Zoning Types and its Probable Effect to a New Business

Zoning is an integral part of any business. This affects both experienced and new investors and all other professionals who are into building industry.

When talking about zoning, you have to be extra cautious where you’re seeking to develop an area.

Is it in a residential, agricultural and/or commercial area? Additionally, you might want to be mindful of the various real estate zonings including:

  • Spot Zoning
  • Down Zoning
  • Contract Zoning
  • Esthetic Zoning
  • Buffer Zoning and;
  • Subdivisions

Let me give you a brief explanation of each zoning types.

Spot Zoning

This is when you have a small part of land or property that’s zoned differently than the surrounding properties.

Contract Zoning

In this type of zoning, this is when a business or person signed a contract to let that person or entity to rezone the area.

Down Zoning

This is basically the rezoning a piece of land that’s less dense like rather than a high-rise, you’ll be allowed only for a one or two story building. It will be illegal to take industrial zoning and then all of a sudden turn it into residential area.

Esthetic Zoning

For this specific zoning type, there are specific rules that are applied to zoned area like what isn’t permissible. There are many realtors and landowners who find that they can’t make any changes to the color schemes, landscaping, solar panels, mailboxes, satellite and several other materials. This type of zoning is perfect to know what can and can’t be done to a property.


The name already speaks for itself. However, for arguments sake, this is an area that’s subdivided into smaller lots or properties. This is open for future development. At the same time, subdivisions must be approved on various hearings.

Buffer Zoning

Last but not the least, we have the buffer zoning. This is where a piece of land has been left to be developed into a driving range, a park or just be left with trees and grass on it.

Every zoning types mentioned can be found in different cities across the United States. As for the laws associated to it however, it’ll vary. On the other hand, if this is something that you think is time consuming and too complicated, then why not uncomplicated things and invest in trading cryptocurrency instead? You can actually learn more about this subject by checking out