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Trump Rejects the New Pandemic Relief Bill to Show Americans He is Still in Power

Trump’s opposition to the pandemic relief bill passed by Congress last Dece. 20 was unexpected as he never took interest on how negotiations were developing. Apparently, there is a lesson to be learned from Trump’s presidency, of how Americans should not let their guard down during every presidential election, While the powers given to a U.S. president is far reaching, it is unfortunate that it was given to a president who used such powers to serve his interest and that of his cronies.

In response to Trump’s power tripping antics, Democratic House Speaker Pelosi challenged Trump to instruct Republican lawmakers to give their votes of approval of the $2K stimulus checks if he (Trump) is genuinely sincere in his intentions to help the American people. As it is, Trump remains silent and has simply gone off the radar but has been reported to be spending his time golfing.

Trump seems unmindful that the approved bill is given only 10 days to receive action; or otherwise, automatically dies if neither Trump or Congress takes action in addressing the bill’s current status quo.

Options Available to Congress in Order to Get the Pandemic Relief Bill Moving

Trump seems to be satisfied that he has created another chaos, as many presume it is his retaliation against Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell for officially acknowledging Joe Biden as the President-elect. Still, Congress is left with two options in addressing the bill to get it moving before the 10-day life of the bill lapses.

Override Trump’s Veto Power

While Trump has sent back the pandemic relief bill back to Congress, ⅔ of both the Lower House (House of Representatives) and the Upper House (Senate Chamber) must vote to override Trump’s veto power. Doing so would expedite the enactment of the bill, as the majority votes in both houses will strip Trump of his right to reject the bill.

Sustain Trump’s Rejection via a Pocket Veto

Let Trump’s rejection of the approved pandemic relief bill stay by calling a Congressional adjournment. If Congress wants to force Trump to take action, Congressional leaders can call for an adjournment during the 10-day life of the bill. If Trump still does nothing, a pocket veto takes place, while his lack of action will automatically kill the bill.

Americans are Left to Suffer as Political Leaders Continue to Wrangle

Due to all these political wranglings, millions of Americans had spent their Chrristmas Day with little or no money to spend for a traditional celebration. Add to that the worries over the expiration of the provision that enabled more than 14 million unemployed citizens to claim unemployment insurance benefits. As the provision expired last December 26, 2020, it means there won’t be another round of benefits coming in the weeks ahead. As it is, nothing is on the table to give the millions of unemployed, the assurance that money will become available soon.

If the bill is not enacted, the federal government will be without funds by December 29, 2020, as the current government budget is also set to expire on December 28. If so, the government will shut down, since federal agencies will be without funds to continue with their operations. That being the case, more people will be in need of money, as tens of thousand of government workers will be forced to go on leave and without compensation.

Americans will be forced to take out short term personal loans from private lenders in order to get by and survive Trump’s remaining days in power as president. While those with poor credit scores will have to seek private lenders who offer no credit check personal loan, which comes with higher interest rates. As it is, there’s no telling how far Trump will go with his twisted politics, as he seems content with the fact that he can still wield power in deciding the fate of the American people.